Create your Gertrude+Gaston’s account

To create your gertrude+Gaston’s account, follow the steps below:

1- Click on « Connect me » in the top right-hand of the screen
2- After the opening of the page of identification, register your mail in the dedicate space “To create an account”
3- Click on “continue” and enter your details. All the information that you give us is needed to complete the checkout.

Further to your completion, a confirmation email was sent to you with the login and password you have chosen. Take into account that this information is essential to identify you on the website.

Thanks to your Gertrude+Gaston’s account, you can:

- Follow up your orders 
- Verify and amend your personal details (address(s), email(s), password, etc.) 

To log on to your account: 

In order to log on to your account, click on « connect me » in the top right-hand of the screen and enter your login and password. 

Newsletter’s registration

To subscribe to the newsletter, register your mail in the dedicate space in the bottom right-hand of the homepage. 

If you wish to be taken off our mailing list for our newsletter and offers, you have two options:

- Click on the link of « cancellation of subscription » at the bottom of each newsletter.
- Send an email to and specify it is to be taken off our mailing list. 


- A password of your choice is essential to log on to your on-line account, to place your order and to follow up them. If you forgot your password, register your email in the tab « Forgot password » in the identification window. Another password will automatically be sent to you within 5 minutes. 

- If you wish to amend your password, go to the page called “personal details” of your account and click on the link “modify” in the password’s space. 

Amend your email

If you wish to amend your email address, log on to your account, then click on « my addresses » and amend the current address by the address of your choice. 

Place an order on the Gertrude+Gaston’s e-shop: :

To place an order on the e-shop of, you have to: 

1. Create your on-line account or enter your login and password in « connect me » in the top right-hand of the screen
2. Make your choice on the website and fill in your shopping bag
3. Confirm your shopping bag
4. Indicate your delivery address
5. Confirm and pay your order 

Once your order and your payment has been confirmed, an order confirmation email will be sent to you with details of your order.

Pay attention to this point: Once payment has been confirmed, your order can no longer be amended.

To follow up your order at any moment, connect you to your account and go to the column « my orders », where you will find all the details of your order. 

Order’s Cancellation  :

If you wish to cancell your order, or if you encounter a difficulty while you are placing an order, please contact the Gertrude+Gaston’s cutsomer service by email : 

Add an item to my shopping bag:

To add an item to your shopping bag, go to the product information form of the item you desire, select your size, the color of your choice, and click to “add to shopping bag”.   

Confirm your shopping bag:

To see and buy the items of your shopping bag, click on « my shopping bag » in the top right-hand of the homepage.  

Delete items of your bag:

To delete items of your bag, click on « delete » represented by a cross on the right of each product line. 


Means of payment:

The Gertrude+Gaston’s on-line store only accepts credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard). Take into account that other means of payment like cheque, e-card or cash are not accepted by Gertrude+Gaston’s online store.

- Payment occurs when you confirm your order, in other words, when you confirm your shopping bag.
- Payment occurs a single time.

For other questions, please contact the Gertrude+Gaston’s customer service by email: